Flaxseed gel Product Review

Having Natural Hair is a bit like having a boyfriend. Sometimes you are in love and sometimes you so over it.  This summer I was over it! I was nearly convinced that I need a perm.  It is super hot in Atlanta and my naturally soft hair with temperatures in the 90’s my hair was in  frizz city. Then I came across a review from Tia Patterson of BeeUitfullyMade. Tia is  a YouTube Vlogger  that I love. She talked about using Flaxseed gel in her wash-n-go and I tried it…….aww love a 1st sight! My hair is so much better with just this one product.  I have used the gel to do twist outs, braid outs and flat twist I am so pleased with the results. I forgot to mention the results are better for me than any store-bought gels.  With the gel my hair is  frizz free, super defined, and no flakes! Tia thank you for changing my life and keeping my hair natural!

I would recommend making it in small batches because this a natural product with no preservatives you must keep it refrigerated. I also use the product within a week of making so that it doesn’t spoil.

Tools for Recipe

2 tablespoons of Flaxseed (i buy mine from Whole-Foods)

1 cup and half of water

2 teaspoons your favorite oil (olive, grape seed, sunflower)

a few drops of essential oils of your choice for scent (tea tree, sweet almond, lavender)***** optional

fine mesh strainer or cut off pantyhose

Empty container


Place 1 1/2 cups of water to a pot and raise the temperature to medium high heat. When the water reaches a light boil add the flaxseed cook for about 10-15mins  you will see a frothy type gel begin to form.  Next take the mixture and strain it thru your fine mesh strainer or the pantyhose into your empty container add your oils of choice (olive and essential oil) stir the oils and gel together now it’s ready to use. Place in refrigerator when you are done.

Until Next time,

Stay Gorgeous!

Beauty Giveaway

This month I will giveaway will be one of my favorite products that I will feature on the blog this month. To qualify for this giveaway you have to rate comment and subscribe to my blog also share one of your favorite beauty products (makeup or hair) and short story with a picture. Tell me why you love the product.


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