Inspirational Monday

It’s Monday ya’ll! (there I go showing my southern side any who) Today’s inspiration happened from an event  I attended last night. I met on of my favorite you-tube vloggers Taren Guy at Lov and Learn your Natural Hair Atlanta. This tour is designed to help women to live their best lives, have confidence in themselves and their hair.  Taren’s is such an inspiration to me.  When she started making videos about her hair struggles, products that she loved, and  things she learned while being natural it gave me the confidence to be natural. If you are a follower her video tutorials you can see her hair journey and how this has given so many people hope with natural hair. It is amazing to me how she has taken this platform and it has become a career and an avenue to touch so many lives including mine.

Taren said something to me last night that rings true to my life experience. I entered a contest that she was offering and there was a mix up and she did not receive my entry. When it was time to win she stated that no one had entered the contest and I  boldly stood up and stated  I was the entered and there was a mistake. She said to me “wow you are persistent” and i said “yep”! This is how I live my life with God already win (internally) before I have won (externally). This was not always the case for me and there was a definite path God took me down to get me to a place of confidence in him.

Some of you are thinking to yourself do I have a gift and how do I find out what it is?

YES you have a special and unique gift that no one else has on the planet and you will be happiest when you use your gift to serve others.

How do you find your special talent:


  • What do others say you are good at
  • What did you dream about as a child
  • Look for patterns from your childhood dreams and your current interest to find your talents


  • Take an inventory day: to think about all the things  you are naturally good at
  • What makes you smile what comes easily to you: (your gift is related to this)
  • make a dream journal and see yourself living your dream life
  • Read books related to finding your dream


  • Try one of your dreams volunteer or intern doing one of your interest
  • Do an informational interview with a company you are interested in.
  • Start NOW! Even if you fail you should you will learn in the process.
  • Help someone else with their BIG dream

Recommended books for finding your dream:

  1. The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson  (helps to find your dreams)
  2. Your Perfect Job by Robert Bittner ( helps find your talents)
  3. 48 Days To The Work That You Love By Dan Miller (helps you find a career path and a side hustle)
  4. Eat That Frog  by Brian Tracey (A fun approach to time management)

Until Next Time,

Stay Gorgeous!

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Taren Guy and me!

Taren Guy and me!

Taren Guy!

Taren Guy!

Taren and LaKesha (my BFF)

Taren and LaKesha (my BFF)


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