Inspirational Monday

Today’s message is how not to quit! Even when you really want to.

So I knew this day would come when I started this blog I was super excited and totally committed. Yet in week 3 I find myself at a roadblock. I am asking myself what is next? In my head when I started this process I hoped to instantly connect with people and share a message of hope and love. Now that i am in week 3 (yes don’t laugh at me) and I am growing slowly I find myself questioning the why behind this journey. Just like most people I have valid reasons why I could stop blogging; I’m currently in graduate school its so much work I don’t have time to write weekly, writing is already hard for me why am doing this? If I stopped how many people would notice because it only matters to me right now. In my head there is a battle going  and my choices are stay and fight or quit. Unfortunately I have been here before I  start a new project and quit if I feel less than inspired to finish. When this happens I remind myself that in  life I am the  the captain of my ship and at the end of the day it’s up to me ( with God’s direction) to get the destination. I have to decide to be committed reguardless of my feelings. So what do you did if you find yourself in this same position?

How not to quit!

  • You must set your course. (Decide what you want to do and go for it)
  • Remember feelings will lead you away from what you really want don’t listen to them!
  • Distractions happen to everyone  it’s how you handle them that matters.
  • When you quit on yourself it hurts the only person you can never get away from you.
  • Find an in your face accountability partner that will not let you quit on yourself.
  • Talk to yourself!!!!! Tell yourself how to feel don’t let your feeling determine your faith or your destination.

Now that I have gotten past the generic advice let me give a real life story. My best friend LaKesha Edwards is a great example of this concept. Last year when she was in graduate school she was also pregnant at the time with her 3rd child. At the time of her pregnancy she was just starting a new job,  married with 2 school age children and her palate was full of things to do.  In the delivery room she was writing and editing a paper that was due her neuropsychology class the upcoming week. The paper was due on Tuesday she worked on Friday had the baby on Sunday and still turned in her paper before time. That’s  determination out the wazooo!!!! I was telling her at the time why don’t you let your professor know surely giving birth surely this is a reason to turn in a project late. To her this was not acceptable.  In her book if you commit to doing something you finish your assignment and you exceed expectations. Not only did she finish school with a newborn in one hand psychology book in the other she finished with 4.0 GPA. This among other reasons is why I admire her strength.

At the end of the day it will always be up to you to finish strong or make excuses. What will you do Captain? I say don’t quit finish strong!

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!


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