Product Review: SensatioNail – Starter Kit

Product Review: SensatioNail – Starter Kit

I have a love hate relationship with Gel nail polish. I love gel nail polish! Who doesn’t like chip less nail polish that stays in place for about 2 weeks.  But I also hate it! I hate paying about 40 with tip for service yuck! I don’t like waiting at the salon and I have always been creeped out about using nail polish that other people have used!  I have never liked paying for something that I can do myself. What is the solution?

SensatioNail – To the rescue! The kit includes the following: (information from the SensatioNail site)

“SensatioNail’s™ Starter Kit has everything you need for a salon-quality gel manicure in 3 easy steps.  The exclusive PRO 3060 LED lamp delivers super-gloss shine and zero dry time! Last about 10 days. The cost is between $59.99-$39.00 depending on where you buy it from

The Kit Includes:

Gel cleanser

Gel primer

Color gel polish

Get base & top coat

Lint-free wipes

Double sided nail buffer

Manicure stick

LED lamp included

Instruction sheet”

My Pros:

Easy to use

Great polish colors

No Dry Time

Super-Gloss Shine


The process takes about 20 minutes from start to finish

Great website for answers support and questions


Difficult to remove

Sometimes the corners chip

The colors on the box don’t always match the out come

It can be damaging to nails if not properly removed

Overall I love this product and I highly recommend it for home use. The only thing I don’t like is the removal process but I also don’t like the removal process for salon Gel nails. When using the product make sure to following the removal instructions and you results should be golden!

Check out for more details.

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