Inspirational Monday! Be Bold!!!

Inspirational Monday

Be Bold!

I am always finding inspiration within my inner circle. I think God gave me the best family they are true blessing. Today’s inspirational story is about my brother Michael. About 2 years ago my younger brother decided to move from Atlanta to California this move was bold because he lived in GA for most of his life. He wanted to change his life and get far outside of his comfort zone so after thinking about it he packed up all of his things a 2001 Honda Accord drove 2000 miles to northern California and started a new life.  The only thing he had when he moved was a desire to succeed and a few hundred dollars. That’s a level of boldness I admire. There are times when we all need to make one change that will have a big impact. Looking at the big picture I started to think of an illustration that would match the impact of this bold move.

Imagine going to the ATM with $200.00 worth of quarters. No matter what you do you cannot put this money in this form in to the machine.  You can cry about it, get mad, you could even get angry, but until you change and get the right format of money (paper) you will not move forward. The money you have in hand a valid useful and exactly what you need but in the wrong format for an ATM deposit. Many times in life you have everything that you need in hand but you just need to make one change. One change can but you exactly where you need to be. One change can take you to the next level one change elevate your level of success. Be bold you can do it make one change!


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Stay Gorgeous!



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