Curly Magic Product Review


Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic  is my favorite  curly girl product I love love love this product! When I am wearing my hair out in a wash and go style this product gives me the perfect frizz free curls.  I recommend Curly Magic to others all the time. The local beauty supply store close to me sells out of it regularly because of my recommendations. (or at least I think  I have that much influence 🙂 Uncle Funky’s Daughter sells natural products that enhance the beauty and health of you hair.

What it does: (according to the site the product provides the following benefits)

Curly Magic Curl Simulator is an aloe-based, firm hold curl enhancing gel. “Curls become more defined and manageable with a nourished, brilliant shine. Curly Magic delivers superior results of taming frizz, elongating curls and adding moisture all in one powerful product.

  • Stimulating Curls in hair that frizzes or reverts to a kinky afro texture once it dries but has a defined curl pattern when it’s wet.
  • Achieve a naturally curly look.
  • Define and elongate curls.
  • Add moisture.
  • Secure lasting, frizz-free hold.
  • Achieve a Wash and Go Look, Wear Two Strand Twists, Twist Outs, Comb Twists, Finger Twists and Starter Locs.”

Why do I like it:

  • My hair is soft and frizz free
  • My curls are clearly defined
  • My hair feels moisturized and not dry
  • The price is $25 dollars  this is a little higher than some other products but the results are so much better than other products
  • My last container lasted about 4 months.

My Recommendations:

  • Apply the product on soaking wet hair (i apply it in the shower)
  •  Apply other oils sparingly too much of the other oils makes my hair feel heavy
  • Don’t touch your hair while it is drying this will help eliminate frizz.

Don’t think about it go buy it!


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