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Today is the Best Day ever!!!!!


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Today is the best day ever! (Well not for most people) Did you know that today is statistically the most depressing day of the year? According to some research that I have done the third Monday of the year the time when most people realize that sticking to a resolution is a dream. Only 8% of American’s accomplish their resolutions. So that means that 92% of us don’t accomplish goals that we set out to do in the New Year just 21 days ago. Sounds sad right! I know it was sad to me when I did the research. I decided based on my research not to set New Year’s resolutions. Instead for the past 21 days I have been studying myself and studying success techniques of others that are highly successful. This is what I found out about myself.

This is what I do well:

· I make a quality decision for change. This means I make a decision based on research that will beneficial for to me. For example    the goal of weight lost.

· Next I make realistic steps toward change. I buy more healthy food; I eliminate fast food, and start exercising.

· I announce my change in lifestyle to gain support and encouragement from my inner circle.

· I also do lot of research before I start anything to make sure the change that I am seeking is realistic.

This is what I don’t do well:

· I don’t anticipate barriers to my success.

· I don’t stick to my goals in the first 21 days consistently (if I have an off day I forgive myself too easily)

· I don’t make contingency plans if I run into unexpected obstacles.

· I am a chronic over thinker. I try to figure out everything

· I don’t attack my most important goals 1st thing in the morning. (I often say I will do it this afternoon then the afternoon gets busy with unplanned activities.)

As a result of this research I It has lead me to the following conclusion. I’m full of ‘$%%t ‘…..the nice girl word is “excuses”. When I really want something nothing can stop me; no time constraints no obstacles no over thinking, nothing can stop me! So why do I participate in self-defeating behavior? It’s because I don’t believe in my goals enough to change. I doubt myself, I underperform, and then I make excuses and justify average results. Well I am done with that!!!

For 2014 I have made the following changes:

· No excuses

· Immediate action towards my goals 1st thing in the morning

What are your excuses? What is the most important change you need to make before the end of this year? Let’s take action together!!!! Look for my next blog next Monday and I will share my top ten goals for 2014 and I am also starting a YouTube channel so you can track my progress. I am excited are you?

Until Next Time,

Stay Gorgeous!


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