About Me!

I always loved me some Hair!GE DIGITAL CAMERA

About Me….I’ve got a secret…I’m a dyslexic blogger  but that never stopped me so watch me roar!

Growing up I always loved transformation. As a child I loved transforming the many ideas in my head into stories and pictures.  When I became a teenager I fell in love with baking because I loved the idea of taking a few simple ingredients and transforming food into amazing food. As an adult now I have found the love of transforming lives; in my career I see the power of transformation by helping to develop people into great leaders. Another passion of mine is Makeup Design I love helping women feel and look their best. For the past 10 years I have worked as a Makeup Artist for M.A.C. and Clinique cosmetics. In the process I found that my passion was giving women the power and the tools to look So Gorgeous! I will post of few pictures of my family and friends that will show the power of natural beauty even on the most special days. Hope you enjoy!

I also invite you to checkout my makeup website http://www.sogorgeous.me I would love to have you a client I love making people  look Gorgeous.


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