Inspirational Monday

Today’s message is how not to quit! Even when you really want to.

So I knew this day would come when I started this blog I was super excited and totally committed. Yet in week 3 I find myself at a roadblock. I am asking myself what is next? In my head when I started this process I hoped to instantly connect with people and share a message of hope and love. Now that i am in week 3 (yes don’t laugh at me) and I am growing slowly I find myself questioning the why behind this journey. Just like most people I have valid reasons why I could stop blogging; I’m currently in graduate school its so much work I don’t have time to write weekly, writing is already hard for me why am doing this? If I stopped how many people would notice because it only matters to me right now. In my head there is a battle going  and my choices are stay and fight or quit. Unfortunately I have been here before I  start a new project and quit if I feel less than inspired to finish. When this happens I remind myself that in  life I am the  the captain of my ship and at the end of the day it’s up to me ( with God’s direction) to get the destination. I have to decide to be committed reguardless of my feelings. So what do you did if you find yourself in this same position?

How not to quit!

  • You must set your course. (Decide what you want to do and go for it)
  • Remember feelings will lead you away from what you really want don’t listen to them!
  • Distractions happen to everyone  it’s how you handle them that matters.
  • When you quit on yourself it hurts the only person you can never get away from you.
  • Find an in your face accountability partner that will not let you quit on yourself.
  • Talk to yourself!!!!! Tell yourself how to feel don’t let your feeling determine your faith or your destination.

Now that I have gotten past the generic advice let me give a real life story. My best friend LaKesha Edwards is a great example of this concept. Last year when she was in graduate school she was also pregnant at the time with her 3rd child. At the time of her pregnancy she was just starting a new job,  married with 2 school age children and her palate was full of things to do.  In the delivery room she was writing and editing a paper that was due her neuropsychology class the upcoming week. The paper was due on Tuesday she worked on Friday had the baby on Sunday and still turned in her paper before time. That’s  determination out the wazooo!!!! I was telling her at the time why don’t you let your professor know surely giving birth surely this is a reason to turn in a project late. To her this was not acceptable.  In her book if you commit to doing something you finish your assignment and you exceed expectations. Not only did she finish school with a newborn in one hand psychology book in the other she finished with 4.0 GPA. This among other reasons is why I admire her strength.

At the end of the day it will always be up to you to finish strong or make excuses. What will you do Captain? I say don’t quit finish strong!

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!

There is room for your Gift!

  Gift in a hand

Image courtesy of stock free images

It’s not Monday but I am here to inspire you!

Life has a way of shifting our focus off of the things that matter. Sometimes you can feel like you are not very special. I have felt that way lost and confused about my true purpose.  Here are some of my thoughts from the past:

“What is so special about me? Why do I stand out from others? Maybe my dreams are just that dreams that will never come true.  There are so many other people that can do what I do what makes my gift special?” Yep there are doubting voices that challenge our dreams but…….I am here to announce today there is room for your gift!

I want you to think it about there is a market for almost everything:

Chanel and Michael Kors

iPhone and Androids

Chick-Fil-A and Zaxbys

Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s

Cover Girl and M.A.C. (cosmetics)

American Idol and The Voice

I could continue to draw endless correlations but I think you get the point. There are hundreds of brands that sell the same type of product with tiny innovations and there is room for that gift.  Each one of these people started with an idea, a vision, a goal, and a desire for something different that was not represented in the market place.  These companies started were you are, where I am, they started at start. There will always be different advantages and disadvantages in every situation but if you never step out how will you know that success won’t be waiting on you?  People are waiting for you to create that business that solves an important problem. People are waiting for you to become a successful inventor, designer, chef, artist, performer, scientist, writer, change agent, politician whatever your dream is. You are a solution to a major problem. You are the difference maker! Your voice matters, your ideas matter, your dream matters!  Your gift matters not only to you but it matters because you were created for a purpose. You are not an accident and you have a value that is beyond words. So I say to you dust off that dream. Go for it. Don’t count yourself out because someone is waiting for you. They’re waiting for your gift!

Inspirational Monday

Today is the Best Day ever!!!!!


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Today is the best day ever! (Well not for most people) Did you know that today is statistically the most depressing day of the year? According to some research that I have done the third Monday of the year the time when most people realize that sticking to a resolution is a dream. Only 8% of American’s accomplish their resolutions. So that means that 92% of us don’t accomplish goals that we set out to do in the New Year just 21 days ago. Sounds sad right! I know it was sad to me when I did the research. I decided based on my research not to set New Year’s resolutions. Instead for the past 21 days I have been studying myself and studying success techniques of others that are highly successful. This is what I found out about myself.

This is what I do well:

· I make a quality decision for change. This means I make a decision based on research that will beneficial for to me. For example    the goal of weight lost.

· Next I make realistic steps toward change. I buy more healthy food; I eliminate fast food, and start exercising.

· I announce my change in lifestyle to gain support and encouragement from my inner circle.

· I also do lot of research before I start anything to make sure the change that I am seeking is realistic.

This is what I don’t do well:

· I don’t anticipate barriers to my success.

· I don’t stick to my goals in the first 21 days consistently (if I have an off day I forgive myself too easily)

· I don’t make contingency plans if I run into unexpected obstacles.

· I am a chronic over thinker. I try to figure out everything

· I don’t attack my most important goals 1st thing in the morning. (I often say I will do it this afternoon then the afternoon gets busy with unplanned activities.)

As a result of this research I It has lead me to the following conclusion. I’m full of ‘$%%t ‘…..the nice girl word is “excuses”. When I really want something nothing can stop me; no time constraints no obstacles no over thinking, nothing can stop me! So why do I participate in self-defeating behavior? It’s because I don’t believe in my goals enough to change. I doubt myself, I underperform, and then I make excuses and justify average results. Well I am done with that!!!

For 2014 I have made the following changes:

· No excuses

· Immediate action towards my goals 1st thing in the morning

What are your excuses? What is the most important change you need to make before the end of this year? Let’s take action together!!!! Look for my next blog next Monday and I will share my top ten goals for 2014 and I am also starting a YouTube channel so you can track my progress. I am excited are you?

Until Next Time,

Stay Gorgeous!

Smashbox Studio Skin Product Review

phone pic 279 This picture was taken after wearing Studio Skin for 10 hours!

Ok I’m in love again!!! Smashbox Studio Skin is amazing…. I love love love this product (I always say love in 3’s). It is my favorite foundation for my skin. I also love using this product line for my brides (for Brides I use Smashbox High Definition Healthy FX Foundation with SPF 15 in the complexion perfection kit). Anywho getting back to the good stuff  the features of this product  are perfect it is oil free, lightweight feel, long wearing, transfer resistant  and it hydrates the skin. It come in 11 shades it leaves the skin with a natural finish.

Product benefits: 

  • Sweat and humidity resistant
  • Transfer-proof and oil-free.
  •  A long-wearing, oil-free, hydrating foundation.
  • Stay flawless for 15 hours
  • Build-able medium-to-full coverage
  • Natural looking finish
  • Cost is $42.oo

This product can be purchased online at or in  person at your local Sephora and Ulta stores. You can also go to  and site can give you other local store options. Stop thinking about it go try it!

Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!

Disclaimer: I’m not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. If I claim or appear to be an expert on a certain topic or product or service area, then I will only endorse products or services that I believe, based on my expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider. Any information provided on this blog is for informational purpose only. The content constitutes my opinion and should not be treated as a replacement for advice by a trained professional. By reading this blog you accept that.

Inspirational Monday

Congratulations you made it to 2014


Today is the 1st Monday of the year!!!! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! How excited are you? Well I would say some of you are not excited about today. I was checking the Facebook status of a few friends of mine that have been on vacation and they were dreading going back to work. My question is why? Why are you going to a job that you are unhappy with. I can hear some of you saying  “I have to go to work I’ve got bills.”  You’re right bills must be paid and obligations must be met  but why not do the work that you love?  Why not do work that inspires you and makes you feel excited about Monday’s.

You were not born to  almost get by until the day you die.  You were born to live a life of purpose where you are doing work that matters to you. So if you are dreading your Monday keep in mind there are 51 more Monday’s in 2014. Are you going to be miserable 51 more times? Did you know that there are more heart attacks on Monday that any other day of the week. Don’t let stress kill your heart and make you unhappy. I have never had a heart attack but I can relate to having a job that makes you hate Monday’s.   A few years ago I had a job that was not a fit for me, this job made me feel unproductive.  Every Sunday night I had a stomach ache I hated Monday. I had friends that loved their jobs and they were productive.  I was angry about my life and I wanted to have a job that made me happy. Until I changed my attitude I made no progress.  When I was ready to go to the next level  I did two things  to help me to get to the place that I desired to be : I made an investment in my dreams and started speaking to my future.

How do you make an investment in your dream:

You have to define your dream: What are you supposed to be doing in your life? Why were you born?

  • Check out my post on for help with this:

Once you know your dream: You must make an investment in your Dream!

  • Start by finding someone who is doing what you want to do and get to know them. If you want to be a lawyer, find a lawyer that is practicing the type of law you want to practice and do an informational interview.Offer to take that person  to lunch on you. (You must make an investment)
  • Go back to school or get the knowledge that you need to make the changes necessary.  (You must make an investment)
  • Never be afraid to do something unconventional like take an internship in a new field . (You must make an investment)
  • How bad do you really want to change? If you really want to change you have to think outside of the box!

Speak into your future: I love my current job I spoke it into existence years before I had it. A few years ago I made a list of everything that I wanted in a job; the type of boss in wanted, work schedule, benefits, leadership and growth opportunities. I wrote down everything that was important to me at the time. I would look at my list and say out loud daily I will work in the job of my dreams. You have to have it  in your heart before you have it  in the natural.

  • Make a write or type list of what you want  in your dream job. Post up your list in different places all over your house  and say daily I see myself walking into my dream job.
  • Dress for where you are going not where you are.  You are going to be promoted you have act like it.
  • Stay positive. No matter how you feel speak to your future not your past.

Anytime I give advice please know that I have done what I am asking you to do. I have taken an internship (for almost no money and worked 2 jobs to make up the difference). I have networked with new people to learn more. I have taken people to lunch, coffee, tea, dinner to gain insight. I currently working full time I have a business and I am in graduate school. I am always surrounding myself with people who are go getters. I use my confessions of faith I speak into my future. It works you just have to try it!

Don’t let your feelings determine your faith. You are going to be promoted, you will walk into the next level of success believe that no matter what you see!!!!

Curly Magic Product Review


Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic  is my favorite  curly girl product I love love love this product! When I am wearing my hair out in a wash and go style this product gives me the perfect frizz free curls.  I recommend Curly Magic to others all the time. The local beauty supply store close to me sells out of it regularly because of my recommendations. (or at least I think  I have that much influence 🙂 Uncle Funky’s Daughter sells natural products that enhance the beauty and health of you hair.

What it does: (according to the site the product provides the following benefits)

Curly Magic Curl Simulator is an aloe-based, firm hold curl enhancing gel. “Curls become more defined and manageable with a nourished, brilliant shine. Curly Magic delivers superior results of taming frizz, elongating curls and adding moisture all in one powerful product.

  • Stimulating Curls in hair that frizzes or reverts to a kinky afro texture once it dries but has a defined curl pattern when it’s wet.
  • Achieve a naturally curly look.
  • Define and elongate curls.
  • Add moisture.
  • Secure lasting, frizz-free hold.
  • Achieve a Wash and Go Look, Wear Two Strand Twists, Twist Outs, Comb Twists, Finger Twists and Starter Locs.”

Why do I like it:

  • My hair is soft and frizz free
  • My curls are clearly defined
  • My hair feels moisturized and not dry
  • The price is $25 dollars  this is a little higher than some other products but the results are so much better than other products
  • My last container lasted about 4 months.

My Recommendations:

  • Apply the product on soaking wet hair (i apply it in the shower)
  •  Apply other oils sparingly too much of the other oils makes my hair feel heavy
  • Don’t touch your hair while it is drying this will help eliminate frizz.

Don’t think about it go buy it!

A letter to my future husband

Today is the last Monday of 2013 and i wanted to talk about love. This a sappy sweet letter to my future husband.

A part of me always has always loved you. I remember riding the bus home at eight years old looking up at the sky dreaming of the day I would met you. At that age you were my Disney Prince we would fall in love at 1st site and you would rescue me from anything. You would take me into our fairytale life that was our love story at eight. At eighteen I was a girl that had never been in love, never been on a date, and never had a boyfriend. I was in love with love. I knew you would come and find me and make my dreams come true. I had a every clear plan for our life.  I would meet you in college. We would marry by age 24  and have a family with 3 kids by the time we were 28. We would buy a house in a beautiful neighborhood a send our kids to college. In our second life by the time we were 45 years old we would travel the world and enjoy life together. I was a girl then with childhood dream.

Since that time I have grown up, fallen in and out of love, experienced heartbreak and learned a lot about life. In all the ups and downs I have waited on you, prayed for you, gotten mad that you had not come for me yet, cried for you, and lost hope that I would ever meet you. Even on the worst day no matter how I felt in the moment I still had hope that someday I would meet you. I know I was made to accomplish great things for God and I was also made to love you.  I want to be your best friend, the person whom you can tell you deepest dreams, fears, concerns and hopes to. I want to hold your hand and walk in the park. I want to laugh with you and make you laugh at my lame jokes. I want to hold your hand while we sleep. I want to cuddle with and our children in bed on Sunday afternoons.  I never met you, I’ve never held your hand, I’ve never slow danced with you to our favorite song but I love you.

My heart was made to love you and forgive you. I know our moment is coming with a glad heart I wait. I still look up in the sky and dream of the day we met. I get excited when I dream of our life together.  I am no longer looking for a childhood prince but a real life King. I am waiting for a king with faults and battle scars. A king that loves “The King” more than he will ever love me. I wait because I know we are destined for a great life together.

Inspiration and Beauty!

GE DIGITAL CAMERA  Before      pic 5  After

I started this blog to showcase my love for beauty and my love  of inspiring stories. Today’s post is a bit of inspiration and a bit of beauty. I had the honor of doing makeup for my beautiful co-worker Shirley for a special event. She is a leader in her community and at our job.  She consistently goes above and beyond to make things better and easier for the people that she is connected to and she does all of this while being a single parent. Just recently she was elected to a leadership position in the community where she leads over 9,000 people. On this day Shirley was getting ready to attend an induction ceremony because she was elected president of her graduate school alumni association.

Shirley had try hard to make her before photo look plain. She has great skin so it was easy to make her look beautiful. She wanted a natural look (which I love) so we used

Products used:

Face: L’Oreal  True Match Foundation,  MAC Loose Powder,

Eyes: NYC eyeshadow base, MAC all that glitters, and carbon in the crease, Revlon Lash Potion Mascara, and Sephora black lace Liner

Checks: Melba

Lips: Subculture Lip liner, NYX clear gloss, Wet and Wild Smokin Hot Pink

Her Brows were perfect so I just touched them with a tiny bit of eyeshadow with a my angled brush to fill them in.


pic 1

Inspirational Monday! Be Bold!!!

Inspirational Monday

Be Bold!

I am always finding inspiration within my inner circle. I think God gave me the best family they are true blessing. Today’s inspirational story is about my brother Michael. About 2 years ago my younger brother decided to move from Atlanta to California this move was bold because he lived in GA for most of his life. He wanted to change his life and get far outside of his comfort zone so after thinking about it he packed up all of his things a 2001 Honda Accord drove 2000 miles to northern California and started a new life.  The only thing he had when he moved was a desire to succeed and a few hundred dollars. That’s a level of boldness I admire. There are times when we all need to make one change that will have a big impact. Looking at the big picture I started to think of an illustration that would match the impact of this bold move.

Imagine going to the ATM with $200.00 worth of quarters. No matter what you do you cannot put this money in this form in to the machine.  You can cry about it, get mad, you could even get angry, but until you change and get the right format of money (paper) you will not move forward. The money you have in hand a valid useful and exactly what you need but in the wrong format for an ATM deposit. Many times in life you have everything that you need in hand but you just need to make one change. One change can but you exactly where you need to be. One change can take you to the next level one change elevate your level of success. Be bold you can do it make one change!


Until next time,

Stay Gorgeous!


Product Review: SensatioNail – Starter Kit

Product Review: SensatioNail – Starter Kit

I have a love hate relationship with Gel nail polish. I love gel nail polish! Who doesn’t like chip less nail polish that stays in place for about 2 weeks.  But I also hate it! I hate paying about 40 with tip for service yuck! I don’t like waiting at the salon and I have always been creeped out about using nail polish that other people have used!  I have never liked paying for something that I can do myself. What is the solution?

SensatioNail – To the rescue! The kit includes the following: (information from the SensatioNail site)

“SensatioNail’s™ Starter Kit has everything you need for a salon-quality gel manicure in 3 easy steps.  The exclusive PRO 3060 LED lamp delivers super-gloss shine and zero dry time! Last about 10 days. The cost is between $59.99-$39.00 depending on where you buy it from

The Kit Includes:

Gel cleanser

Gel primer

Color gel polish

Get base & top coat

Lint-free wipes

Double sided nail buffer

Manicure stick

LED lamp included

Instruction sheet”

My Pros:

Easy to use

Great polish colors

No Dry Time

Super-Gloss Shine


The process takes about 20 minutes from start to finish

Great website for answers support and questions


Difficult to remove

Sometimes the corners chip

The colors on the box don’t always match the out come

It can be damaging to nails if not properly removed

Overall I love this product and I highly recommend it for home use. The only thing I don’t like is the removal process but I also don’t like the removal process for salon Gel nails. When using the product make sure to following the removal instructions and you results should be golden!

Check out for more details.

nails nails1

Inspirational Monday’s

How not to quit part 2

Last week I took a fun break to spend time with my family for thanksgiving it was fabulous but I missed you (my awesome audience and I could not wait to get back)

So its holiday time! The end of a great year and all of a sudden we can find ourselves in a holiday vacuum of buying, over spending, and looking forward the next year.  Does this sound like you?  What do you do with these last 30 days? Are they a wash? Do you start again in 30 days and say I have New Year I will accomplish more then? A very wise woman I know recently posted wrote a post about finishing strong in the last 30 days of the year. This stuck me because I looked at all of the things that I started and stopped this year and I sat and said to myself what it that I want to count for 2013? I stopped being a part of the wrong relationship; I tried all kinds of new things for my dieting quest, I started blogging yay! In the last 30 days of 2013 what do I really want accomplish? Now it’s 28ish, there is still plenty of time to finish strong am make substantial progress on a goal or start a new one.

If you feel anything like I have in the past you feel guilty for  not accomplishing what you wanted to. There is pressure to make a declaration that you will change and you don’t. Besides it’s the holiday season a reason to celebrate not to dig deep. I am challenging myself to change my thinking and see life in a new way. I go back to my favorite scripture “This is the day that the lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Ps 118:24

This is what I see in this scripture:

  • This is the day… Everyday counts not your future days but the days that are here right now
  • So start or restart your goals now!
  • …that the Lord made: this day has been handcrafted for you…this day counts
  • Let go of the guilt of the past and keep pressing
  • ….and I will
  • God is giving me a choice I can choose my next action
  • ….Rejoice!!!!!!!!!
  • God gave me a choice I and choose to rejoice Joy comes from what you know not how you feel
  • ….And be glad in it!
  • With my choice I get to choose me feelings. I am not subject to whatever emotions come up.

With this day will you make it count? Will you choose to be bold and restart old goals with a new mindset? Will you press in these last 30 days? Will you press past your emotions and live the life you deserve?

My goals over the next 29 days write my 1st book and lose 10 pounds!

What are yours goals? Tell me and I will enter you in drawing for a gift card!

comfort zone